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NRS Meeting at Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art 

November 1, 2015 Meeting


Meeting Sunday November 1-Cheekwood Potter Room in Botanic Hall/Visitor Services Bldg., 2-5PM

Subject-Ron Daniels will be in the Cheekwood garden winterizing those roses.  He needs help to do everything and will bring tools.  Just be ready to play in the dirt--and perhaps some rain since the forecast doesn't look great.  This is important info for the protection of your rose investment.

Notice:  We will meet in the Potter Room before we go out to the garden just to keep us organized.

Christmas Party - December 6, 2015

The NRS Christmas party will be December 6 from 1-4PM.  We will have to be out at 4 due to Cheekwood's Christmas Lights production.  This year's party will be the same as we have been doing except in the daytime.  Ham, turkey, rolls and drinks will be furnished so bring a dish of your choosing to go with those things.  We are also doing the Secret Santa gift exchange again so if you want to participate, bring a gift under $20, garden related or not, one per person.


 2015 Nashville Rose Society Officers

President:  Cindy Worch
Vice-President Committee:  Gene Meyer, Jack Wedekind, Ron Daniels, Marty Reich, Sam Jones and Cindy Worch
Treasurer:  Gary Spencer
Recording Secretary:  Hayes Gibson
Corresponding Secretary:  Millie Dolinger
Membership Secretary:  Marty Reich
Hospitality:  Lori Emery and Bob Bowen
Rose Show Coordinators: Denise Thorne, Sam & Nancy Jones
Grand Prix Show:  Keith & Martha Garman
Social Media:  Ken Wood
Members at Large:  Gerry Miller, Abdullah & Laila Isa and Jack Wedekind

The Nashville Rose Society meets at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.


Join Chris VanCleave each Saturday at 9:30 am for Rose Chat Radio.  The broadcast can be listened to online at Blog Talk Radio by clicking here

A must read for rose exhibitor's: Rose Exhibitors Quarterly

A new photo album has been added for NRS members to send pictues of their roses and garden
.... check it out....

Send photo's to: webmaster     

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